05 Luck Runs Out

When your luck runs out
And you’re just sneaking around
Put the rag top down
And the radio up
There’s no use crying over this sort of thing
It’s Saturday night, there is no retreating
When your luck runs out
You can’t even give it away

When your luck runs out
Take a walk in the park
You got a pleasant little smile
But no one can see
The sun shines brighter on this side of town
The days seem longer and the nights seem warm
When your luck runs out
Keep an eye out for anything

When your luck runs out it seems you’ve lost all your faith
but you cant figure how
The sun, it just keeps beaming
Like my father used to say to me
Don’t worry Son, it’s gonna be ok
When Your luck runs out

You’ve gotta find a way
To the left, to the right
There is no end in sight
It’s just too far to climb
but you try
yeah you try

EDIT_IMG_2355The Family
Trey Johnson
McKenzie Smith
Danny Balis
Rich Martin