01 We’re Together

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A quiet embrace.
You’re  a crazy driver.
If you’re lost in thought don’t raise your eyes
cuz baby you’re mine… tonight.

Let’s go out dancing.
We both look awkward.
It’s not like either of us
cares who’s watching as long as
We’re together.

It’s Hard to imagine
everything  we’ve done.
When I think of a time before we met
there’s barely anything left
To remember.

There’s a million ways
to put out a fire
when you find somebody burning
and all it takes
is just one spark
and crying won’t do nothin…

So let’s a go out walking.
It’s a perfect night.
The world is quiet (but) there’s always something

What’s the use in trying
if it’s already happened?
Why would I try to fight it?

EDIT_IMG_2503The Family
Trey Johnson
Becky Middleton
McKenzie Smith
Paul Williams
James Driscoll
Rich Martin